The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater nurtures a vibrant, engaged, inclusive and caring Jewish community whose collective action is guided by our values.

In Memoriam: David Katz and Hanns Loewenbach

In January of 2012, the Holocaust Commission lost two of our valiant Speakers’ Bureau survivors, David Katz and Hanns Loewenbach. We will miss them but we will keep their message of hope and love alive. Remember what Hanns always told his students: "Evil does not need your help; just your indifference." Please visit the What We Carry page to learn more about their stories and the stories of other Holocaust survivors. The UJFT Holocaust Commission has additional information and resources.

Super Sunday 2012 “With You on Our Team, We’ve Already Won"

Football fever’s in the air and we’ve caught the competitive spirit. Join our team as we hit the ground running on Super Sunday, January 29. Together, we’ll reach out to fellow members of the Tidewater Jewish Community by phone, seeking to raise funds that support essential and vital aspects of Jewish life locally, nationally, globally and in Israel. We need volunteers from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., of all ages and affiliations, to help us score. We are certain that with you on our team, we’ve already won! Click here to volunteer.

Date With the State - Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day

For years, members of Jewish communities from across the Commonwealth have converged at the State Capitol in Richmond to collaborate on Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day, also known as “Date with the State.”  Our annual Date with the State has proven to be a powerful forum through which we have effectively communicated with our General Assembly members about issues of importance to the Jewish community. This year’s event, spearheaded locally by the Community Relations Council (CRC), will be held on Wednesday, February 1.   Read More.

Community-Federation Shabbaton February 3-5, 2012

You may know the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater works to strengthen and nurture Jewish community here in Tidewater, in Israel and around the world. Few of us realize exactly how. For instance, did you know that funds from Tidewater help support Reform and Conservative youth groups in Israel? Or that our Annual Campaign dollars are put to work helping newly-arrived Ethiopian children succeed in their secular and religious studies? Or that money we raise right here in Virginia helps Orthodox IDF soldiers continue their Talmudic studies while serving?

Join us for the Shabbaton and learn more about where, how and why our community sends tzedakah.  Read More.

Your Home for Jewish Resources

Are you looking for resources on how to incorporate Judaism into your daily parenting routine? Are you an interfaith couple interested in more resources to assist you? Would you like more facts and news on Israel and the Middle East? Check out our Jewish Resources page on the website - a one-stop site for all matters related to Judaism and living Jewishly!