The Community Relations Council is the public affairs arm of the organized Tidewater Jewish community. It represents the area synagogues and Jewish agencies on issues impacting the rights and protection of Jews as individuals and as a community. The CRC works to educate the community on public affairs issues and translates these issues into community action with the greater community, public officials, other faith and ethnic communities and the media.

Date With the State - Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day.

874 TAKE ACTION TODAY – Help in the effort to free Alan Gross

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ADL Poll Finds Anti-Semitic Attitudes on Rise in America

849 The Community Relations Council of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, along with community partners present the Israel Today Forum, a series of events focusing on Israel’s image, threats, and innovation.

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The CRC is made up of members from each Tidewater Jewish community agency and institution and is comprised of five committees:

  • Legislative Action
    Provides education on issues and candidates with elections on the local, state and national levels while creating relationships with officials to ensure dialogue between our Jewish community and those representing us in Richmond and Washington, D.C.
  • Media
    Identifying issues, articulating positions and developing communication strategies designed to advance the objectives of the Tidewater Jewish community.
  • Israel Education and Advocacy
    Advancing community based advocacy and education on behalf of Israel.
  • Education
    Working with local schools and public institutions to sensitize them to Jewish concerns within and around the institutions.  
  • Outreach
    Interfaith and human rights issues as well as coalitions between local Jewish and non-Jewish organizations.

The CRC is one of 125 Jewish Community Relations Councils in the country. Together, these CRC’s form the grassroots of the national umbrella organization, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Learn More About Israel:

The CRC offers assistance with advocacy efforts and provides educational resources on behalf of our community with regards to support for Israel.  Identifying points of consensus within our community, offering facts, history and programming to support the Jewish connection to Israel is the CRC’s goal.  The CRC is able to provide programming to the Jewish community and greater community as well as many publications and resources for education and advocacy purposes.  Please contact RMancoll@ujft.org for more information.

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