The Speakers’ Bureau is an invaluable resource the Holocaust Commission provides to Hampton Roads’ schools, colleges, military facilities, Jewish Sunday schools, and other organizations. For over twenty years, local Holocaust survivors have shared their personal accounts of courage and survival during the Holocaust with students and military personnel.If you are interested in arranging a speaking engagement, contact us at 757-965-6129. The requests are coordinated by the chair of the Bureau.

Local Speaker Volunteers:

Histories of Other Local Survivors, Rescuers, and Righteous Gentiles:

David Katz, photo courtesy of Elizabeth Leeor.

January 2011: David Katz speaks at International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Regent University Library.








What We Carry Program

The What We Carry program, designed to supplement the Speakers’ Bureau and ultimately become the Speakers’ Bureau’s voice, combines documentary film interviews of our current speakers, combined with a volunteer presentation and a suitcase holding replicas of the artifacts they have retained from their wartime experiences.

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