The watchword of Holocaust lessons is, “Never Forget.” But once there are no longer survivors to recount their personal stories, what then?

Two Emmy-winning television producers in Los Angeles, Amber Howell and Janice Engel, and photojournalist Josh Rothstein came to Hampton Roads in March of 2010 to extensively interview and film survivors David Katz, Dana Cohen, Hanns Loewenbach, and Kitty Saks.  Using raw footage and archival footage, as well as photos of all of the artifacts and memorabilia the four still have from their Holocaust experiences, they created four short films, one based on each survivor’s experiences and reflections. 

A trained volunteer now presents the films to schools and other audiences, along with a "suitcase" containing replicas of the treasures, created by local artist and graphic designer Perry Deglandon.

Contact the Holocaust Commission to schedule a presentation.

Below is a trailer for the program that combines parts of all four individual stories, each of which has its own unique What We Carry presentation.


The Virginian-Pilot, Aug 7, 2011: Voices of Hampton Roads Holocaust Survivors Saved

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