The UJFT Maimonides Society is a fellowship of Jewish healthcare professionals dedicated to educational, social, and philanthropic activities that focus on the betterment of Jews in need locally in Tidewater, in Israel and around the world.

The Maimonides Society provides a unique opportunity for collegial socializing and networking and integrates medical and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the health professions can make to support the Jewish community. Its programs have featured an array of diverse speakers in specialties such as medicine, bioterrorism and ethics.



Dr. Rick Hodes, Medical Director of Ethiopia for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), visits with Tidewater community members on May 3, 2011
View more photos of Dr. Rick Hodes' visit.


The main focus of the Maimonides Society is its philanthropic commitment to the mission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. For years, the Federation has supported medical services to vulnerable Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe through the American Joint Distribution Committee and Jewish Healthcare International.  Through an initiative led by Drs. Sanford Lefcoe and Calvin Belkov a dental clinic was established in our sister city in Israel, Pardes Katz.

Membership Information

The Maimonides Society is open to all healthcare professionals who have Dr. as their title and to PhD’s in medical research and to medical students.

The requisite for Maimonides Society membership is a minimum pledge of $1000 to the UJFT Federation annual campaign. Those who are in the Young Leadership Campaign (to age 39) or in their first 3 years of practice may make a gift of $500 to become a member of the Maimonides Society. Residents and students, $118.


Anna Goldenberg

2010 Donors


Dr. Debra Aleck
Dr. Leigh Baltuch
Dr. Lisa Barr
Dr. Alan Bartel
Dr. Beryl Brown
Dr. Stephen Caplan
Dr. Jon Crockford
Dr. Ronald Dozoretz
Dr. Adam Foleck
Dr. Randall Furman
Dr. David Gallo
Dr. Norman Goldin
Dr. Frederic Gross
Dr. Michael Gross
Dr. Charles Hecht-Leavitt
Dr. Abbey Horwitz
Dr. Alan Jaffe
Dr. Lee Kanter
Dr. Warren Karesh
Dr. Edward Karotkin
Dr. Mark Kerner
Dr. Albert Konikoff
Dr. David Konikoff
Dr. David Lannik
Dr. Barry Mandell
Dr. Paul Mansheim
Dr. S. Neil Morrison
Dr. Burton Moss
Dr. Gary Moss
Dr. Robert Rubin
Dr. Warren Sachs
Dr. Ivan Schiff
Dr. Lawrence Shall
Dr. Martin Snyder
Dr. Harlan Vingan

Dr. Marc Abrams
Dr. Kenneth Albinder
Dr. Jason Alper
Dr. John Barney
Dr. Calvin Belkov
Dr. Herbert Brewer
Dr. Ronald Brodsky
Dr. Lawrence Cash
Dr. Howard Dorfman
Dr. Bernard Einhorn
Dr. Edwin Epstein
Dr. Joseph Familant
Dr. Robert Fink
Dr. Warren Foer
Dr. Craig Franzman
Dr. Alan Gamsey
Dr. Alan Ganderson
Dr. Edward Goldenberg  
Dr. Nathan Goldin
Dr. Ira Gould
Dr. Stanley Graber
Dr. Gary Hecht
Dr. Marvin Kaplan
Dr. David Kreger
Dr. Robert Laibstain
Dr. Darryl Lefcoe
Dr. Robert Lehman
Dr. Larry Leibowitz
Dr. Bruce Longman
Dr. Barry Lubin
Dr. David Maizel
Dr. Alvin Margolius
Dr. Bernard Miller

Dr. Julius Miller
Dr. Norman Miller
Dr. Kenneth Muhlendorf
Dr. Roseanne Newman
Dr. David Pariser
Dr. Robert Pariser
Dr. Leroy Pearlman
Dr. Irving Pike
Dr. Holly Puritz
Dr. Robert Rashti
Dr. Howard Roesen
Dr. Reuven Rohn
Dr. Meredith Rose
Dr. Scott Rosenblum
Dr. Jennifer Rush
Dr. Alfred Schulwolf
Dr. Robert Seeherman
Dr. Gary Siegel
Dr. Jack Siegel
Dr. Lonnie Slone
Dr. Michael Sperling
Dt. Steven Taubman
Dr. Aaron Vinik
Dr. Alan Wagner
Dr. Bruce Waldholtz
Dr. Steven Warsof
Dr. Lee Weinstein
Dr. Jeffrey Weisberg
Dr. Alice Werner
Dr. Eric Werner
Dr. Carl Wisoff
Dr. Stephen Wohlgemuth

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